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Charles Keadle made his last visit to Virginia International Raceway in March of this year.
Charlie had grown up a car nut, learning to drive just after WWII in a small railroad town in the Tug Valley of West Virginia. His first job was at a local Chevrolet Dealership where he prepped the new cars for delivery and detailed the trade-ins. After a stint in the Korean War, he and his new wife moved to Los Angeles, California where he attended the Art Institute College and worked as a service manager at another dealership. Among his classmates, Charlie counted Tom Daniels the famous designer of Monogram Models and Hot Wheels. He bought his first Corvette and raced a 55 and later a 57 Chevy Bel Air bringing home several trophies.
The demands of family life took Charlie away from the tracks but he continued to work his mechanical wizardy specializing in rebuilding Austin Healey 2000's for rich fighter pilots. His own project cars included a 1963 Chevy II, a 1967 Chevelle and most recently, a 1979 Chevy Monza retrofitted with an Oldsmobile 3.5L aluminum V8.
After he retired from his career at the US EPA, Charlie was recruited in 2000 to help with the first races at the rebuilt Virginia International Raceway in Danville, VA.  As a licensed NC DOT Saftey Inspector, he found a home in theTech Barn working as Tech Inspector for club events. Eventually, he gained his Divisional Scrutineers License. In addition, he could be found running Flags and Corners at the contract events such as the Grand Am Rolex events, the Historical Sports Car races, the Vintage Drivers Club of America and ProSCCA.
For a couple of years, he inspected every car that raced at a club event at VIR. Until late 2006, when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer Charlie was a fixture at VIR on race day. After that he bagan to slow down, working in the Tech Barn mostly on Saturdays. As mentioned, in March, he worked at the March Memories event.
Charlie passed away on May 4th. On the 9th, before the start of the SARRC\MARRS Challenge, you may have  seen his sons taking his Cadillac around the track for one last lap. Charlie was 78.
Some Photographs
We've got a slide show of a couple of nice photographs of Charlie here.
Kind Words from the Heritage Foundation
I got this email thread from the Heritage Foundation:
Mr. Keadle,

I apologize for the delay in responding to your message. Please accept our condolences on the loss of your father.

Thank you very much for forwarding this contribution per his wishes. As you know, your father was a long-time and loyal member of The Heritage Foundation, and we are grateful for all he has done.


Lori McNicoll
Heritage Legacy Society
(800) 409-2003

-----Original Message-----
From: j keadle

Sent: Friday, May 08, 2009 2:11 PM
To: Heritage Membership
Cc: Steve Keadle
Subject: Donation

Dear Sir or Madam:

I've ordered a check today for $1,000 payable to the Heritage Foundationand mailed it to your address at 214 Massachusetts AVE NE Wasington DC.

This donation complies with my father's request as stated in his last will and testament. His name was Charles R. Keadle and he lived in Cary, NC. He died early Monday morning, May 4th. He was 78 years old.

God bless you and the foundation; thank you for the many years you were able to rise to and stay at the top of my father's esteem.

Kindest regards,
John K.
I've written a brief biographical account of some of the historical details of Charlie's life and you're welcome to read that here.
Charlie wrote a pretty detailed account of some of the more interesting events in his life up through the death of his second wife, Betty Jo. You're welcome to take a look at it here.
If you get prompted for a login, just click "cancel."
Charles Richard Keadle 1930-2009
Charlie Keadle passed away peacefully in his sleep early Monday morning, May 4.
Mr. Keadle was born in Williamson WV the son of Mingo and Athlene Keadle who lived on Dickenson Street. After returning from the Korean War, he worked for Price Motor Company for a while and moved to Cary with his family in 1963. Soon after that, he worked at the Environmental Protection Agency in Research Triangle Park as a Technical Illustrator and worked on the Agency's first computer aided drawing programs used at that facility.
After retiring from the government, he continued to work as a patent illustrator, an automobile safety inspector and, most recently, at the Advanced Auto Parts store on Kildaire Farm Road in Cary. In addition, he often served as a volunteer safety inspector for the North Carolina Chapter of the Sports Car Club of America working mostly at the Virginia International Raceway in Danville Va.
Mr. Keadle was a member of the Cary Masonic Lodge, The Amran Shrine Temple and the Cary American Legion. He is survived by his two sons, Steve Keadle and John Keadle both of Raleigh. Steve has three of Charlie's grandchildren, Susan, Scott and Michael. John and his wife, Judy, have the other three of Charlie's grandchildren, Tracy, Beverly and Jasmine. In addition, Charlie had two great-grandsons.
The family will hold a memorial service Thursday, May 7th at 2:00 pm at Westwood Baptist Church in Cary where Charlie was a member. Prior to his death he asked that in lieu of flowers, those that choose to remember him may do so in the form of a contribution to the Westwood Baptist Church DROP fund.
Charlie's Last Weekend
Charlie passed away peacefuly in his sleep Monday morning 5/4/2009.
The nurse at Cary Rehab noted that, in order to keep him alert, she had gotten him into his wheelchair the prior evening and had rolled him around with her as she tended to the other patients. She said he was quiet but alert and conversational. She got him back in the bed around 8 pm and he was watching TV. When she checked back at midnight he was sleeping and she turned down the volume on the TV. When she checked back around 2 am, he had been awake and had turned the sound back up and she had to turn it down again.
She said she checked around 4 am and he seemed to be okay with good breathing and no discomfort. By the time she checked back at five, he had moved on.
Charlie wanted to be cremated and will have ashes scattered about the family plot in Williamson, Wv.
We'll have a memorial sevice on thursday, May 7 at 2 pm at his church, Westwood Baptist Church, in Cary NC.
In leiu of flowers he asked that those that choose to remember him by making a contribution to the Westwood Baptist Church Drop Fund.
Charlie's at Cary Health and Rehab
We got Charlie into Cary Health and Rehab this morning and he seems to be happy for the relocation. The doctors at Rex were not able to provide much in terms of treatment since his spinal fractures and other issues are the type best treated by rehabilitation.
He's alert and watching TV and said that he would be doing what it takes to get back on his feet. Steve and I both tried to pursuade him to spend as much time as he could working on his mobility and get to the point where he can get up and around.  He said he would.
Here's a link to the Cary Rehab site. Be sure to turn your sound down before you try it. They are on Tryon Road; as you take Cary Parkway from Highway 64, you take a right on Tryon and then a right into the parking lot. Then you walk around the right side of the building to get in.
Thanks for all your messages and prayers; we really appreciate all the kindness.
God bless,
John K.
Charlie on the Mend
When we visited with Charlie this evening, he was much more alert. His vital signs had improved some: BP up, heart rate and temprature down; all within "normal" limits. He was alot more talkative. The best news was that the fever is under control and he's eating some (semi-) solid food.
He still says he's got some pain when he tries to move which is coming from his busted tailbone. That keeps him very still and then the medication puts him to sleep.
Whatever it is, he seems better for a day of it and we're thankful for that. To hear him tell it, some of the nurses are very kind and some cannot be characterized in polite company. So, if he's paying that much attention, I'd call that a promising sign.
Thank you all very much for your kindness and prayers. We'll try to get you an update as soon as we have some news.
God bless
John K.
Charlie's in Wake Med
Late last week, Charlie fell and hurt his tailbone. We got him to Wake Med in Cary and they said he'd fractured his lower vertebrae. He was in a bit of pain and they scheduled an operation to fuse those bones together to help.
Then the doctors were troubled by the circulation in his legs and they started treating him with blood thinners.
So while he's waiting for his back surgery, he's now taken a bit of pneumonia; the doctor says this is not uncommon in patients that don't move very much.
This morning, he's running a pretty good fever, an elevated heart rate and low blood pressure. They are going to move him to ICU and start treatment to try to get his blood pressure up.
We'll try to get everyone an update as soon as we learn some more.
While we're waiting, for those of you in favor of global warming, I though some of you might like to take a look at my new favorite truck. Just click the link at the top-right of the page. I'd like to thank Bob O'Farrell for the photos.
God bless,
-John K.
Back Home at Brunswick Place
Charlie got back home to Brunswick Place last week and has been able to get around a bit using his walker. He should be getting to phone calls and e-mails as he continues to gain mobility with his new hip. Steve and I get by to see him when we can. He's been cooking his own meals and he has his hospice nurses checking in on him. He also has a volunteer stop by once a week to help with chores around the house.
Steve took him for a ride in the Skunk over the weekend and he thought that was big fun. There's a couple of little kinks in it that we're still working on and we'll get an update and some photographs soon. Steve drove it some place last week and somebody asked if it was a Mustang.
Thanks for keeping up and please don't hesitate to leave a message; we'll be sure he gets it.
God bless
-John K.

Mending The Hip

Charlie is still at the Oaks of Carolina recovering from his hip replacement. It seems like the surgical wounds are healing okay and he's in physical therapy to regain his mobility. He's getting up and walking with the help of a walker for 20 steps at a time. He says it still hurts but that's expected when you swap bone out for carbon steel.  He's got an appointment with the bone doctor today so maybe we'll know more by suppertime.
We hope he'll be getting back on his feet more this week and we'll get a better idea of when he'll be able to get back to the house. We'll try to keep everyone up to date.
We know you all miss the daily specials. So to thank for following along, and since everyone loves airplanes, we've got a set of photographs of the big Russian transport plane. Just click on the daily special link over on the top right of the home page.
Thanks again for your prayers and messages.
-John K.
On to the Oaks
Charlie spent Groundhog day at the hospital but since he didn't see shadow, today, he's moved to The Oaks of Carolina, a rehab facility on Lake Wheeler Road in Raleigh. He's been there before and he said "it's the one with the good food." Here's a link to the facility's profile in a web directory.
We expect he'll be ready to go home in a day or two since he's been up on his new hip and walking around a bit. We also expect that when he's ready to go home, we'll know it and to be sure, we'll pass that info along to all of you.
Thanks again for your prayers and messages.
-John K.
February Update
Alot can happen in three days since we had dinner on Thursday. February finds Charlie at Western Wake Medical Center in Cary recovering from hip surgery.
On Friday he fell and hurt his hip and when we got him to the hospital, they decided that he needed a hip replacement which they were able to do on Saturday morning. He's had some of visitors and he's not really got a team in the Superbowl so he's spending the weekend taking it easy. Our hope is that he'll be able to get up and on it over the next week and may be back at home soon. He had been doing pretty well eating and gaining weight and getting around. The doctors say he should regain complete mobility.
Also, in case you were wondering, Steve and I got the skunk in for its final adjustments, mostly with the clutch and some electrical issues so you may find that it will be roadworthy soon. Steve's the only one that's driven it and he's got about 40 miles oni it. When it get's right, Charlie's going to have the sweetest Skunk on wheels.
We'd love for you to leave a message by clicking this link . Also if you know someone else that might like to get our updates, send them an email or point them to
Thanks again for all you prayers and kindness. We appreciate everyone keeping in touch.
-John K.
Welcome Back!
We've overcome some technical issues and is now back up and running.
Charlie is actually doing better than his web site did. He's getting around ok and getting to church regularly. Steve and I have been getting him out to Amedeos for dinner on Thursday evenings and we'll see him again tonight.
We've got all your messages printed and we invite you to leave new messages by clicking this link.
We're still working on rebuilding our email list and recovering our photographs and our "Daily Specials" and we'll get you an update soon. For now, we've just got this slide show of the Skunk and you can see it getting its exhaust system installed. We'll be driving it as soon as we get the clutch fixed.
Thanks for keeping in touch and God Bless.
-John K