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The Wedding Party
To Do list
8:30am - Need somebody with a Printer (Dad?) to do flight check in & print off boarding passes for Southwest Airlines - Flight #587 Nonstop RDU to MCO. Name of Adult 1: Christopher Miller, Name of Adult 2: Tracy Keadle. Confirmation # D94492.


Girls wake up & pack up.

Put stuff in cars

Head to ROYAL to unpack.



Girls Brunch @ Nofo

Guys wakeup & Get dressed @ hotel 

take Shane’s luggage to master suite (BEFORE 11:30)


Guys Lunch @ Hotel

Girls return to Hotel for Hair/Makeup/Get ready

12.00 noon Flowers delivered to Clarion: Bouquets, Corsages, Bouttonniere


1:00 Deploy signs and balloons at Hillyer and Royal


1.30pm Guys take photos @ St Mary's & Church (must have bouttonnieres first)

2pm Doors open at Hillyer.


Girls Leave Clarion - Be in Lobby on Time 

T not allowed to leave room til “go” time.

Final touch ups.

Sends “I’m here” from T to S upon arrival via bridesmaid.


Food is only allowed in non carpeted areas.




Guys Leave Clarion - Be In Lobby on Time
Enter church through front door 

Shane can’t leave room til “go” time.

Groomsman leaves “I’m here” from S to T at Girls’ dressing room.


Food is only allowed in non carpeted areas.


Wedding Program

Music changes. Shane's sisters are seated by ushers in front row, followed by Tracy's grandmothers.


Mothers are escorted by ushers to unity candle, then seated.
Tracy's mom sits & music changes.

Paul, Shane, Tommy, Aaron, John, Josh, Brandon file in
Girls enter in following order:








Tracy & Dad
Giving the bride.

Paul's greeting.

Paul reads psalm100


Prayer of Promise

Lessons (Epistle, Gospel)



Exchange of rings

Unity Candle


Announcement of Marriage

Recessional in reverse of entry, only now together.
Paul says "Please join the family and friends at the Royal banquet hall."

4.30pmish (ceremony over & guests are gone) – group photos at the church


5:15pm get in limo to reception & call paul

Paul gets attention, "please take seats"

Salads are served

5.30pm wedding party dances in

Paul says "ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Shane Miller. " Paul says blessing,

Wedding party eats while guests get food as dismissed by Jessica.
6pmish When Bride and Groom have eaten dinner, and guests are sitting and eating, 1st dance. (Champage is passed during dances)

Father Daughter dance.
Shane and Moochie Dance (Champagne is completely served)
Daddy welcomes & toasts
Tommy toasts

Cake cutting

6:30pm Invitation to the dance floor & patio

8.30pm bouquet & garter toss.

9.30- 10pm Shane and Tracy leave in Xterra

6:00am Shane and Tracy arrive at Vann St & need a ride to airport.