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The Wedding Party
To Do list
Paid in Full
Confirmed by Phone 9/7
Tip ($20)
Shuttle Van
15 Passenger
Payable ($200)
Confirmed  9/7
Church 832-3953
Fee Payable ($400 total)
= Hillyer ($250)
+ Polly Grimes (Coordinator Payable $75)
+ Antonio Johnson (Custodian Payable $75)
All Due BEFORE Friday (not at rehearsal)

Paul J. Allen IV, 785-323-7540
Air Fare- Flight in @ 2:30 on Friday
Staying at the Clarion
Reimburse expenses or Thank you gift or both?
Thank you gift (Tracy)
Brian Miller (no relation) (919) 496-5877
Work him into program
Sound-Paul vs. Microphone 
Royal (Deposit in Hand, Paid in Full)
Linens- Mommy appt. 12 pm Monday
Napkins-FOLD Sept 11&12
Favors- MAKE Sept 11&12

Sound- Paul vs. iPod
Candles (Vann Street) (like 72)
Mommy pew bows but not for pews
Tracy not really pew bows and for reserved pews only w/ Oasis ribbon (4)
Signs (2 reception & 2 wedding)
White balloons (Order)
Birdseed trays
Favor trays
Table numbers- DO NOT TOUCH WITH YO GRUBBY PAWS!!!!!!!!!!!
Feather arrangement w/ floral foam for behind favors and cet.
Hang stuff from ceiling? disscuss stringy balloons
Inventory\Gap Analysis
5 bic lighters

Cake - Edible Arts (Paid in Full)
3801 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27607-5206
(919) 856-0604
Delivery Only
Caterer (Laytins) 
919 625-2840 (Cell)
Call Friday for payment
Paid $300
Pay $3,862.50 CASH on Friday.
Has 320/48/24 Beer/Wine/Champagne
Miller Lite\MGD\JCK Choice
Cut & Serve cake
Bringing a tent just in case
Do not need napkins for meal
Last Contact 9/13 at Royal
Merlot is served at room temp
Paid in Full
Contact Info: Kelly Odom 919 829-3888
Delivery and Logistics
Last contact 9/4
Curtis Brown
919 637-2992
Has already been logistic-ed
(Paid in Full)
Last contact 9/9
Michele Ashcraft 704-579-4935
At Hotel at 11:30
$450 Payable (Day of and before she makes our hair pretty)
Last contact 9/9


919 832-0501
Check in on Friday

To Do:

Make dog drop off appointment
Pick up Uncle Cheese shuttle van

Pack care package for Uncle Steve- Daddy {In Progress}
Update the hairdresser on logistics
Pay the hairdresser
Organist's Gift
Get table tents from Office Depot

Buy 10
Brides Brunch Arrangements
Speak to Custodian abt Limo Parking @ Hillyer
Call limo on Fri. to verify
Pay church by Fri. NOT AT REHEARSAL
Make not-really-pew-bows for pews - Can't be done without access to church
Print and frame table #s
Make favor backgrounds
Purchase coffee cups and sugar tongs (church?)
Purchase lighters
Call cake people
Call florist
Call Carla @ the Royal to see if we can store things somewhere.
PICK UP WEDDING DRESS (take veil also for steaming)
Pay Layton $3,862.50
Get Playmates\Sharkbite kits for leftovers
Call hairdresser
Get Champagne Flutes
Get Wine glasses
Assemble flutes and wine glasses
Pick up Tux at The Men's Warehouse, Crossroads #20963614

Deployment Guide

Placement of signs w/ balloons
Like 72 votive candles
Table #s
Bridesmaids gifts to clarion on Fri.
Tracy dress/tiara, bridesmaids dresses, makeup, snacks to Clarion on Fri
Get Tracy a rehearsal dress
Take stuff to Hillyer:
ringbearer pillow
pew bows
flowergirl basket
fake rings sn pillow
guest book
unity candles
To Wedding Signs (2)

Take stuff to Royal Fri (?):
coffee cups (40 to 50)
sugar tongs
sugar cubes
Candy Favors
Bird Seed
mommy's pew bows not for pews
SatinHands for ladies bathroom
salt & pepper shakers, high chair (church)
2 Reception Signs
Table Numbers
Table Assignment Tents